Dienstag, 18. November 2014


i arrived fine 
i hid a few days 
from my own flat
there is so much to do
and i am also sick.

well well

it could be worse
it could also be better
plus i miss turku and
its university libraries
[means you guys!]
a lot.

so i am trying to 
get used to my owen place

i will uptade 
so stay tuned :)

Freitag, 14. November 2014

.good bye

yes it is.
it is over
8 weeks
full of knowledge
and fun
and heartmelting kindness
as said before
this was my very own
best expirience!

and saying goodbye was
for sure
i cried.
i am sorry for that
but i am build near
water - i just can hold on to it.

but my stay was in no way

or ordinary

words are failling here
and i am not much 
of an writer.
so i can only say

kiitos very much.

very very much.

and this are those amazing co workers
i had
[not all of them]

i also got some presents.
a lot of them.


and also if anyone wants to stay in touch
i would love to!
her is the link to my facebook page!
if i find you first - i will add you ;)


.first things first

i want to show you first
the cooking!
i attended a cooking class
at logomo
with some of the staffmembers
of the liebraries.

it was a lot of fun
and one of the best meals
i had.

i said it very often
i am not a fish person
but - this one. 
i could easily live on that!


we were
divided in groups
and every group had
to prepare a course
we did the starter - and
believe me

well well. it was a blast.


Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

.uff uff

saying goodbye is way harder 
than thought.

i got so so used to 

all those amazing people!

so this is the juslenia team
for all the knowledge
and the heartmelting
a lot!

and after almost finnishing
the genera project
marjatta took me for a ride
we visited an island
and churches
and as always 
i had the best company.
thank you marjatta!


.kiitos marjatta!

tomorrow is the
big and sad goodbye.
i do not want to think about that
but i will write about it.

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

.library hopping

during my last days
i am still working
on the german genera collection
which i try to evaluate
this is a pretty cool work
and i am also doing 
some service desk hours
we do also all kind of fun stuff!

yesterday, marjatta took me
to see the libraries of the Åbo Akademi
this is the swedish [speaking] University
in Turku
i had no idea how big this University
and its libraries is.
it is a bit like, the one half of Turkus innercity
belongs to the finnish University
and the other to the swedish. ha.
it was really interesting to see those facilities
[but i am even more happy
that i ended up at the 'right' one. hihi] 
i did not made any pictures 
i will do some on friday. well on friday
i will be doing tons of pictures i hope
i can show you the nicest staff [all of them
or at least the majority]
i met here

oh i am getting sentimental!

Dienstag, 11. November 2014

.naantali & the mumins

i do work too!

ha even though
i get a bit of a special treatment during
my last days. yay me!

yesterday juha and i were
allowed to go a bit earlier
so that juha could show me
a beautiful place by the sea
and just a stones throw away 
from turku
[as everything]

juha is always my partner in crime
and yesterday while we 
visited the closed but still kinda
open muminstal
we felt like hänsel & gretel
[we had such a running joke 
going on there!
since we ended up at ikea
eating way too much cake]

i was also 
for a very brief moment
a mermaid yesterday
i dream came true.


ola hyvää - pictures now.

Sonntag, 9. November 2014

.eighth week

yes i can not believe it either!

last week
was full of reviews.
i listed all the work i have done 
so far
all the things i learned
and i had to realize
[even though i knew that all along]
that they took such good
care of me here
i was thought so much!
i also made some really good 
achievements and experiences
i could not be happier.
i also had such a perfect last 
weekend here!

i managed to go to ruissalo
and this time for real
[just because juha showed
it to me prior]
and even though it was quite
cold on saturday it was
such a bliss to be there
i had a good stroll

and on sunday i was invited
to marjatas house for lunch
and it was such a lovely 
and heartwarming afternoon!
very much!

here are some photos of ruissalo

and since i am having a thight shedule
for my last week -  bye.